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Relaxing baths

Pamper your health in the Wellness Hotel Ballguthof

With our healing and beneficial baths, you will have a special experience that will enhance your health, beauty and well-being.

Try the gentle massage in the Cleopatra beauty bath, with various essential oils, seaweed and sea salt, or stretch out on our Salus steam bed for a hay bath, a bath in evening primrose essential oil or with mud packs: this treatment is very effective and gives a deep sense of well-being.

Stretched out a bed heated to a temperature of 40°C and oscillating slightly, let the active ingredients act beneficially on your body.

Hay flower bath: ca. 20 Min. | € 35,-
to regain strength in the case of fatigue and exhaustion

Lavender oil bath: ca. 20 Min. | € 35,-
relaxing, has positive effects on the vascular system

Sea salt bath: ca. 20 Min. | € 35,-
the detoxifying qualities of sea salt are effective in cases of cellulite, circulation disorders and connective tissue weakness.

Bath with rose petals: ca. 20 Min. | € 35,-
a balm for the spirit, very relaxing and a tonic for the skin.

South Tyrolean hay bath: ca. 30 Min. | € 45,-
The hay bath is known for its effectiveness in relieving chronic pain in the joints, such as rheumatism and arthrosis. In this bath, herbs, flowers and precious aromas can fully express all their therapeutic powers.

Evening primrose oil bath: ca. 30 Min. | € 37,-
the most precious constituent of this body treatment is the evening primrose oil, whose effectiveness is well-known and also used in dermatology. This is a soft and velvety deep treatment for the skin.

Mud Packs: ca. 30 Min. |€ 37,-
mud packs relax and detoxify, and have a positive effect on circulation. They stimulate the metabolism, for a feeling of renewed well-being and physical energy.

Refreshing mud packs: ca. 20 Min. | € 37,-
indicated in case of injuries.

Thyme cream pack: ca. 30 Min. | € 37,-
for impure and stressed skin, with an antibacterial effect.

Essential oils

A couple of drops of aromatic oils in hot water, and then a relaxing immersion: the bath with essential oils has a disinfecting and anti-inflammatory function.


Romantic moments for a couple's life: The candlelit bath is wonderful for the harmony of the couple and creates a pleasant and sensual atmosphere.

Prices & offers

4 days of GOLF and nothing but golf

30.03.19 - 12.04.19

Price from 450€ per person with half-board & massage


7 days of golf and nothing but golf

30.03.19 - 12.04.19
06.05.19 - 25.05.19

Price from 740€ per person with half-board & massage


4 days of Well-being

23.04.19 - 30.04.19

Price from 450€ per person with. half-board& wellness voucher


Week-long packages for families

24.06.19 - 26.07.19

Price from 770€ per person with half-board & 1 free child unitl 2 years


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