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Wellness massages

at the 4-star Hotel Ballguthof near Merano

Enjoy your wellness holiday in South Tyrol with all five senses and indulge in an extraordinary feeling of relaxation: a massage here at the Hotel is the perfect way to round off a day of sports and outdoor activities!

The qualified staff at Hotel Ballguthof in Merano welcomes you in our Beauty area with massages and Wellness treatments.

You only have to comfortably relax, free your mind and recover your energies, while the expert hands of our masseurs take care of you!

ca. 25 min. | 35,00 €

Useful in case of stiff or contracted muscles. In this massage, special care is given to the more problematic parts of the body.

ca. 50 min. | 59,00 €

In this massage, our masseuse uses all her skill and ability to “perceive” through her hands. A true must both for prevention and to treat yourself to some pleasure and relaxation.

ca. 25 min. | 35,00 €

A very pleasant massage and pressure therapy technique, which involves the scalp. It has beneficial effects in the event of tensions in the head area, fatigue, stress and a sense of anxiety and fear. It has a generally revitalizing effect.

ca. 50 min. | 60,00 €

The massage oil, heated by flame, ensures a pleasant and sensual massage experience. Appreciate the beneficial feeling of warmth and give your body all the care of natural ingredients. You can choose from a variety of fragrances.

ca. 50 min. | 60,00 €

The intensive back treatment consists of a warm mud-based pack and a full back massage. Ideal in cases of back pain and muscular tension

ca. 50 min. | 60,00 €

The honey massage has a healing, protective, stimulating effect on circulation; by working with the reflex zones of the back, it also has a soothing and harmonious function on all the organs. It stimulates and revitalizes the whole body, helping to restore the energy balance and expel harmful substances.

ca. 50 min. | 58,00 €

An exfoliating body massage followed by the application of a special lotion. The scales of dead skin are gently removed, leaving the skin soft and uniform.

ca. 50 min. | 58,00 €

This massage contributes to the correct drainage of lymphatic fluids from the tissues.

ca. 50 min. | 58,00 €

End the day with a moment of total relaxation. This massage helps you let go and eases stress.

ca. 50 bzw. 80 min. | 65,00 € bzw. 85,00 €

This massage uses stones, mostly basalt, which are specially heated and placed on the body.

ca. 55 min. | 65,00 €

Caresses for the body, soul and spirit. It uses delicate pressure to help remove blocks and tensions. The energy flows are once again free. The tissues store more oxygen and are detoxified.

ca. 25 min. | 35,00 €

A pleasant and stimulating massage for both the sole and back of the foot.

ca. 50 min. | 58,00 €

Massage against delayed onset muscle soreness, with relaxing and reinforcing effects: foot bath with thyme bath salts, energizing hip to toe massage with Arnica balm, special care of the sole of the foot with a special balm. Sore feet - refreshing and draining effect: foot bath with thyme bath salts, refreshing mud pack applied from the thigh to the toes on the relaxation bed. Delicate massage with juniper/vine cream, care of the sole of the foot and special balsam.

Magic hands

Relax at the warm touch of the hands of our skilled and experienced massage therapists.


With the right massage technique, our experts can successfully treat many parts of the body.

Prices & offers

4 days of GOLF and nothing but golf

30.03.19 - 12.04.19

Price from 450€ per person with half-board & massage


7 days of golf and nothing but golf

30.03.19 - 12.04.19
06.05.19 - 25.05.19

Price from 740€ per person with half-board & massage


4 days of Well-being

23.04.19 - 30.04.19

Price from 450€ per person with. half-board& wellness voucher


Week-long packages for families

24.06.19 - 26.07.19

Price from 770€ per person with half-board & 1 free child unitl 2 years


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(+39) 0473 561029  /  (+39) 0473 559841

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